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UV process is a comprehensive technical area in need of a wide range of professional knowledge. Besides requiring the experience and knowledge in optical field such as how to chose light source and filter, it also relies on some production technologies about line-speed controlling and working-handing systems. In addition, it is also necessary to have a clear understanding on the chemical reaction controlling technologies such as setting the optimal conditions according to the base material. Multiply, being a leading company in UV processing industrial field, supplies the excellent technologies to meet the requests of various clients.
  Introducing the characteristics of light source and equipments about UV process
  Introducing the atmospheric-pressure plasma and its reaction.
  UV has innovated the process! With UV, the productivity and energy efficiency are improved greatly, and also the manufacturing environment is changed to be much safer by introducing the solventless cleaning methods.
  Best processes are introduced by MULTIPLY to meet the requests of various base materials and purposes for the base-material cleaning of glass and ceramics, as well as the wettability control of organic materials.
  A high-quality sanitary control is guaranteed with our UV sterilizing process, which has the properties of safety, security and low running cost.
Wide application in optics fields
  ▪Conveyer type
▪Batch type
▪Spot irradiation
  ▪Surface cleaning and reforming equipments
▪Sterilization system
▪Heating furnace
▪UV monitoring system
▪Ultraviolet intensity meter
  ▪Surface cleaning and reforming equipments
  ▪Surface cleaning and reforming equipments
▪Related products for cleaning
▪Automobile and labor-saving process
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