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  Characteristics of UV process
  Characteristics of plasma process
  Adhering/ Peeling/ Curing/ Drying
Wide application in optics fields
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  UV irradiation equipments
  UV application/Related products
  Excimer irradiation system
  Atmospheric-pressure plasma irradiation system
Wide application in optics fields

Printing Coating
● Seal printing, Label printing
(Relief printing, Offset printing)
● Business form printing
(Relief printing, Offset printing)
● Plastic film printing
(Offset printing, Screen printing)
● Carton printing
(Offset printing)
● Sheet-fed offset printing
(Overprint varnish printing, Offset printing)
● CD printing
● Metal printing, Nameplate printing
● Printing of plastic products
(Relief printing, Offset printing, Screen printing)
● DVD printing
● Coating of wood products
(Wood filling, Top clearing)
● Surface processing of printing paper
● Surface coating and reforming of plastic tile and flooring
● Surface coating of plastic products
(Bar code)
● Surface coating of inorganic building materials
● Rustproof coating of steel parts
● Manufacturing of electronic components (undercoating)
● Surface coating of electric wires and optical fibers
● Surface coating of videodisks, fishing rods and mirrors, etc.
Electronic components Potting
● Marking of electronic components
● Manufacturing of print circuit board
(Etching resist, solder resist and making ink screen printing)
A new field of UV curing process, which is performed after pouring UV resin into the shape
● Manufacturing of decorative plates
● Manufacturing of accessories
● Manufacturing of buttons and other products
● Adhering of the chip components onto the print circuit board
● Adhering of the glass parts (watches and lenses)
● Application to the motors
● Application to the speaker's interior(Adhering of the transmitter)
● Terminal sealing of the relays and the switches
● Fixing of coil terminals and lead wires
● Adhering and sealing of liquid-crystal display
● Adhering of DVD
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