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Characteristics of plasma process : Business
The atmospheric-pressure plasma technology is utilized in the plasma process supplied by MULTIPLY.

< What is plasma? >
With the increase of substance energy, the electrolytic dissociation occurs where positive ion and electron are separated. At the moment, the air containing charged particles is called plasma, which is always observed in the forms of thunders and auroras in nature.

< What is atmospheric-pressure plasma? >
It is a new surface treatment technology originated from the controlling technology of electrical field, with which the plasma state could be kept stable even in a non-vacuum condition. The technology is applicable for consecutive production because it is operated in the normal pressure.

Cleaning and surface reforming are 2 kinds of processes utilizing the plasma technology. The realization of each of them relies on the active oxygen originated by plasma energy.

(1)Chemical bonds between polluted organic substances are disconnected by plasma energy.
(2)The excited oxygen atoms interact with the disconnected organic substances.
(3)The organic substance is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and the substrate is cleaned up.

(1)Chemical bonds in the surface resin substrate are disconnected by the plasma energy.
(2)Excited oxygen atoms interact with the disconnected molecules of resin substrate surface.
(3)Hydrophilic functional groups are formed in the surface.

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