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Adhering/ Peeling/ Curing/ Drying : Business
Compared to other thermal processes, the UV process has 4 merits below.

Instant curing Pollution-free and safety
●Time saving :
The curing time only lasts 0.1~a few seconds
●Space saving :
The process itself is compact
●Cost saving :
The system can be design into a proper scale according to the disposal volume.
●Improved working environment :
In principle, the system is powered by electricity and no solvent are in use, so the system will not cause some problems of the air-pollution and odor emission.
●Simplified equipments :
Solvent disposal devices and anti-pollution facilities are not needed.
Low temperature curing Improved quality
●Suitable for heat-sensitive materials :
The materials can be chosen widely.
●Energy saving :
Energy is just consumed in the necessary process at the necessary time.
●Reinforced strength (high-intensity)
●Flawless and odorless :
The finished work is perfect in uniformity and has no paints and any bad smell of ink with it.
●Metallic luster gives the product a feeling of quality.
●Solvent resistance, chemical resistance and pollution resistance are improved greatly.

The realization of any each of processes: adhering, peeling, curing or drying relies on the chemical bonding of the organic compounds caused by UV irradiation.

It is necessary to find proper processes for different products and materials. Being as an example, the different kinds of light sources used in UV curing process are listed below. (Characteristics of light sources)
Coating materials Light sources
Clear paints High-pressure mercury lamp
Printing ink Metal halide lamp
Color thick-film paints High-powered metal halide lamp
Products of adhering, peeling, curing and drying processes

UV irradiation equipments
▪Conveyer type ▪Batch system ▪Spot irradiation
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